Wood Stove Exchange Rebate Program for Golden Extended for 2018


The Golden and District Air Quality Committee is offering air quality rebates to residents of the Town of Golden and CSRD Area A to off-set the purchase of an EPA/CSA approved wood stove, or another less polluting heating appliance, to replace an old, inefficient wood stove.  Funding is provided by the Provincial Wood Stove Exchange Program through the Ministry of Environment ($250 per resident). Additional funding is provided by the Columbia Shuswap Regional District Area A ($500 for residents of CSRD Area A only).

The objective of the program is to remove smoky old wood stoves in Golden and area, and replace them with cleaner appliances to reduce air pollution in your home and neighbourhood. Old wood stoves waste your time and money by burning wood inefficiently.

Rebates for 2018 will be available on a first-come first served basis while quantities last.


Important:  Residents must request a voucher for an air quality rebate before removing and replacing an older wood stove according to the process explained below. Older stoves that have already been removed and are not currently in use will not be eligible for a rebate.

1.     First request an air quality rebate application from one of two local participating heating appliance retailers in Golden. These retailers are WETT certified to install wood stoves.

Participating Retailers in Golden are:

Parky’s Heating and Cooling 808 9th Street N Golden 250-344-5218

Kardash Plumbing and Heating 805 9th Street N Golden 250-344-6887

2.     You must currently have an installed older wood stove, typically manufactured before 1994, that you are still using using for home heating. New wood stoves to be installed in residences that do not currently have a wood stove are not eligible for rebates. If you have already removed an old stove, prior to making an application, you will not be eligible for an air quality rebate.

3.     Residents of Golden must also apply for a building permit from the Town of Golden.

4.     A site inspection will be done by the WETT installer before removal of the old stove and after installation of the new CSA/EPA certified appliance. Photographs of the old wood stove (while still installed in the home) and new appliance (after installation) must be taken and submitted with the application.

5.     The older wood stove must be decommissioned and disposed of correctly. It must not be reinstalled in another dwelling or resold. Typically the participating retailer will dispose of the old stove for you and verify that this has been done. This disposal and decommissioning is a requirement to be eligible for a rebate.

6.     The retailer and building inspector will verify that the wood stove replacement meets all requirements of the rebate program. The signed application voucher, photos, a copy of the bill of sale and the building permit for residents of Golden are then submitted to the Golden and District Air Quality Committee.

7.     New appliances must be burned carefully to avoid excessive smoke. Residents will receive information on how to burn as cleanly as possible.

8.     Upon completion of all requirements, a rebate cheque will be mailed to you from the Golden and District Air Quality Committee.


More information on the BC provincial wood stove exchange program is available at:


or contact one of the local retailers in Golden.