My Wood Stove Exchange Program Experience

“It pays to exchange your old stove for an efficient new model”

A beautiful new stove that burns very efficiently and cleanly

Annette Luttermann – Wood stove exchange program participant and Golden Resident

“We purchased a home in Golden that had a big old wood burning stove/furnace in the basement. A local fire wood supplier told us that he had delivered 8 cords of wood to this house each year.   It was impossible to burn that old stove without constant smoke coming from the chimney. Playing with the kids in the snow outside in the yard, we noticed how smoky the air was. When we had the chimney cleaned the chimney sweep said there was a lot of creosote build-up. That is dangerous because we know it can cause a chimney fire.

So to save energy costs and increase the safety of our home we decided to have a new CSA/EPA approved stove installed by Parky’s. There are some great financial incentives to do this. We had a nice one with a glass door put in on the first floor of the house instead of in the cool basement. Now we can enjoy seeing the fire burning and it is much easier to monitor how well the wood is burning. We had that old stove destroyed and received a total of $750 in rebates from the province and the Town.

We couldn’t believe how much better this stove burns. It lights so easily using small kindling and paper.

And one day a friend was over chatting in the yard and we were talking about the costs of home heating. She looked at our chimney and asked why we didn’t have a fire burning on such a cold day. But there was a nice hot fire going at the time. You just couldn’t see barely any smoke thanks to our new stove and the good dry firewood supplied by Nick Kohalyck.

Best of all, we burned only 3 cords of wood last year!”


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