Air Quality

Current Air Quality Readings in Golden

How to find current and past data on air quality in Golden BC


The BC Ministry of Environment operates an air quality monitoring station in Golden.

This station, located next to Golden hospital helipad, measures fine particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) in the air. It gives us an idea of the air quality in the area around the hospital. Other neighbourhoods in Golden may experience higher or lower levels of air pollution depending on their location near point sources of emissions.

Current and past readings from this station can be viewed at this link:

The graphs show levels of very fine particulates (PM2.5) mostly coming from combustion sources such as wood stoves, wildfires, industry, and vehicles. The measure of fine particulates called PM10 include also slightly coarser material such as road dust. If the PM10 readings are high, this is most likely caused by road dust in Golden.

Note that the Golden monitoring station does not measure other components of air pollution such as:

  • ground-level ozone (O3); and
  • nitrogen dioxide (NO2)

These measurements are required to produce a value for the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI). Therefore Golden is not included in the AQHI reports. However fine particulates are considered to be one of the air pollutants of most concern for our health.

The BC Ministry of Environment web page provides additional information on how to interpret the air quality data.