• wood smoke haze on a clear day

Success Stories

Emissions Reductions at the Louisiana Pacific Mill in Golden

The Louisiana Pacific (LP) mill in Golden has significantly reduced its contribution to air pollution over the past several years. LP now employs state of the art “Best Available Control Technology”. Many people think that the “cloud” coming from LP is wood smoke. The cloud in fact is mainly steam from three sources. The first source of steam comes from the Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) stack which is the saturated air stream from the dryers after the volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) have been removed by the WESP. LP utilizes log vats to condition their logs and some steam escapes from them.  Finally, the biggest producer of steam is […]

My Wood Stove Exchange Program Experience

“It pays to exchange your old stove for an efficient new model” A beautiful new stove that burns very efficiently and cleanly Annette Luttermann – Wood stove exchange program participant and Golden Resident “We purchased a home in Golden that had a big old wood burning stove/furnace in the basement. A local fire wood supplier told us that he had delivered 8 cords of wood to this house each year.   It was impossible to burn that old stove without constant smoke coming from the chimney. Playing with the kids in the snow outside in the yard, we noticed how smoky the air was. When we had the chimney cleaned […]


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