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Air Quality

Golden Air Quality October 12 to 19, 2018

Golden Air Quality Readings October 12 to 19, 2018 Slash burning on the west bench south of Golden contributed to particulate air pollution during the second week in October 2018. Monday and Tuesday saw spikes in PM2.5 even at the town air monitoring station near the hospital.The venting index looked good when these fires were lit, however there were many slash piles lit and smoke filled the valley for a time. Residents of the Town of Golden are reminded that to reduce neighbourhood smoke exposure, burning yard waste in backyards in town is prohibited by bylaw.

Current Air Quality Readings in Golden

How to find current and past data on air quality in Golden BC   The BC Ministry of Environment operates an air quality monitoring station in Golden. This station, located next to Golden hospital helipad, measures fine particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) in the air. It gives us an idea of the air quality in the area around the hospital. Other neighbourhoods in Golden may experience higher or lower levels of air pollution depending on their location near point sources of emissions. Current and past readings from this station can be viewed at this link: http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/epd/bcairquality/data/station.html?id=E292149 The graphs show levels of very fine particulates (PM2.5) mostly coming from […]

Air Quality and Health Forum Golden October 16 2018

    You are invited to attend a Public Forum on: Air Quality and Health in Golden Tuesday, October 16th  6 to 8 pm  at the Golden Senior’s Centre The BC Lung Association and the Golden and District Air Quality Committee is hosting a community forum in Golden due to the continued high levels of air pollution measured at the monitoring station in Golden.     Presentations on the health effects of wood smoke and how it is monitored will be given by: Sarah Henderson, Senior Scientist with the BC Center for Disease Control Donna Haga, Air Quality Meteorologist with the Ministry of Environment. Annette Luttermann of A.L.Ecologic in […]

Golden Air Quality Sept 21 to 28, 2018

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Fine airborne particulates were quite low in Golden for the week of September 21 to 28. A couple of spikes occurred in the evenings as people lit wood stoves due to cooling temperatures. As this heating season begins, please consider the health effects of wood smoke, and make sure you burn your stove with little or no visible smoke.   Thanks for being a good neighbour!

Golden Air Quality Last Week January 26 to Feb 1, 2018

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The monitoring data from the air quality station in Golden last week clearly shows levels of air pollution rising each evening and going down in the middle of the day. This is caused by wood smoke from residential stoves. Residences producing too much smoke from smouldering stoves are obvious to anyone walking down the street.  Wood smoke is hazardous and contributes to heart and lung disease. It is the responsibility of home owners to burn wood stoves so they do not smoke excessively and pollute the neighbourhood. For those who are taking this seriously, thank you for being a good neighbour!  

Golden Air Quality Last Week September 1 to 7, 2017

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Last week in Golden the fine particulate levels in the air were extremely high over several days. Smoke from wildfires in BC and the US contributed to the very poor air quality. The cumulative health effects of exposure to these very poor air quality conditions can be serious. Please avoid strenuous outdoor activity until the air clears up.  

Smoky Skies Bulletin Amended Sept 2017

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SMOKY SKIES BULLETIN AMENDED REGIONS ADDED: FRASER CANYON, KINBASKET, NORTH COLUMBIA, PRINCE GEORGE, YELLOWHEAD   (September 05, 2017 13:00 MDT – Penticton) The Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy, in collaboration with the Interior and Northern Health Authorities has amended the area covered by the Smoky Skies Bulletin that was last updated on Sunday September 03 due to changing smoke conditions. Areas now covered by this Bulletin include: 100 Mile, Arrow Lakes – Slocan Lake, Boundary, Cariboo North (including Quesnel), Cariboo South (including Williams Lake), Chilcotin, East Columbia, East Kootenay, Elk Valley, Fraser Canyon, Kinbasket, Kootenay Lake, Nicola, North Columbia, North Thompson, Okanagan, Prince George, Shuswap, Similkameen, South Thompson, West Columbia, West Kootenay, […]

Smoky Skies Bulletin August 9, 2017

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SMOKY SKIES BULLETIN FOR BC INTERIOR AND NORTH COAST (August 09, 2017 12:00 MDT – Cranbrook) The Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy, in collaboration with the Interior and Northern Health Authorities has issued a Smoky Skies Bulletin for: 100 Mile, Arrow Lakes, Boundary, Bulkley Valley and The Lakes Northwest (including Smithers), Bulkley Valley and The Lakes Southwest (including Burns Lake), Cariboo North, Cariboo South, Chilcotin, East Columbia, East Kootenay, Elk Valley, Fraser Canyon, Kinbasket, Kootenay Lake, Nicola, North Coast – Coastal Sections, North Coast – Inland Sections, North Columbia, North Thompson, Okanagan, Prince George, Shuswap, Similkameen, Slocan Lake, South Thompson, West Columbia, West Kootenay, Williston, Yellowhead, and Yoho Park – Kootenay Park. Smoke concentrations will […]

High Particulates in Golden’s Air from Wildfire Smoke July 28 to August 3, 2017

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Wildfires in the region continue to create very poor air quality conditions in the Golden area. Fine particulates measured at the Golden Hospital have been well above objectives. Last week levels were more than double acceptable limits on several days. The provincial Ministry of Environment and Interior Health has issued a “Smoky Skies Bulletin” for most of southern BC. This advises residents to avoid strenuous outdoor activities. If you are experiencing difficulty in breathing, chest pain or discomfort, and sudden onset of cough or irritation of airways contact your health care provider. Exposure to fine particulates is particularly a concern for infants, the elderly and those who have […]

Golden Air Quality Report for March 24 to 31

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The street sweepers are now out in action trying to keep on top of road dust production. The rain this past week has helped too. However particulate levels are still high, especially on the busier main roads. Please slow down as this prevents the dust from kicking up so much. Everyone can help out by cleaning up driveways and business parking lots that you are responsible for. Less dust is then tracked around town. All of this can reduce respiratory illness for everyone in Golden. Thanks for helping to keep Golden’s air clean!


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