Idling gets you nowhere!

Many of us are tempted to idle our vehicles much longer than necessary in all kinds of situations. Stopping for a few minutes to wait for someone, we may not want our vehicles to cool down too much, or maybe the windows will fog up?

But sitting there with the engine running contributes to local air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and increases engine wear and fuel consumption.  Even in winter, vehicles warm up most efficiently by driving them. No more than 30 seconds is needed to warm up a modern engine. Idling for more than 10 seconds uses more fuel than turning off and re-starting the engine.

By taking more care as an individual, you can be instrumental in improving the air quality of our community.

In recent years, Wildsight, with support from Environment Canada and the Town of Golden, engaged in an Anti-Idling Campaign in Golden to help ‘Clear the Air’.

Initiatives have included placing anti-idling signage around town, producing educational pamphlets, working with youth groups on conducting an idling survey, organizing a community-wide walk/bike to school/work event and working with the Town of Golden towards developing a Green Fleet Policy for their town vehicles.

Take the Challenge.  And remember… IDLING GETS YOU NOWHERE!

Here are six steps towards reducing idling:

1)      Limit warm-up of your vehicle to 30 seconds

2)      Turn off your engine if you stop for more than 10 seconds (except in traffic)

3)      Avoid using a remote car starter and starting your engine before you are ready to leave

4)      Consider using a block heater in winter to pre-warm your engine

5)      Spread the word to your friends and family that avoiding idling:

  •       $ Saves you money!
  •       Reduces our contribution to climate change
  •       Helps you and your neighbours breathe easier by reducing air pollution
  •       reduces wear and tear on your vehicle’s engine

6)  Put up an anti-idling sign!

If your business or institution would like a free, permanent metal sign to display, please email or call 250-344-4961.