Air Pollution Sources

When we talk about air quality we are referring to the state of the air all around us and mainly in our local environment. As we all know, clean, unpolluted air is extremely important for human health as well as the health of wildlife, plants, water and soil.

It is also important to the overall quality of life in our communities. In Golden we live with breathtaking beauty all around us. Poor air quality can affect visibility, impeding the views of the landscape and the aesthetics of our community valued so highly by residents and visitors alike.

Poor air quality can result from a variety of sources, local weather conditions and topography.

Large forest fires can cause widespread air pollution. Often air pollution in the town is a cumulative effect of several human activities such as driving vehicles and burning wood.

We can all have an influence on air quality through the choices we make and the actions we take. We would like to encourage everyone to do what they can to help make Golden’s air quality the best it can be throughout the year!