Air Quality

3 Simple Tips to Reduce Wood Smoke

Newer and more efficient

wood burning appliances

can burn much more cleanly

with virtually no visible smoke.


However if your new stove still smokes,

something can be done.




To limit air pollution:


1.   Only dry firewood must be burned in a wood stove. Firewood should contain less than 20% moisture. No garbage should ever be burned in a wood stove or any open fire.

2.   Start with small pieces of dry kindling to build a hot bed of coals.

3.   Continue to give the fire lots of air to keep it hot and prevent smoldering. Monitor the fire to keep it burning hot and non-smoky.


If you still operate an older model wood stove, and cannot burn without constant smoke, it is time to replace that polluting piece of equipment.

Contact local suppliers of wood stoves and other heating devices in Golden. They can provide you with information on beautiful new appliances and on ways you can save money. More efficient wood stoves burn less wood while producing more heat. Smoke is essentially wasted energy.