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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Golden Air Quality Report for March 24 to 31

31 Mar, 2017

The street sweepers are now out in action trying to keep on top of road dust production. The rain this past week has helped too. However particulate levels are still high, especially on the busier main roads. Please slow down as this prevents the dust from kicking up so much. Everyone can help out by cleaning up driveways and business parking lots that you are responsible for. Less dust is then tracked around town. All of this can reduce respiratory illness for everyone in Golden. Thanks for helping to keep Golden’s air clean!

Recent Air Quality Data for Golden BC March 10-17, 2017

17 Mar, 2017

Great to see the dust levels down to acceptable levels last week. Of course this is mainly because we had some good precipitation (too much for some low lying buildings or people without rain boots!) As soon as the roads dry out the dust starts kicking up, especially if the winds are high. Ah, the lovely month of March! We can all help out on those dry days by not driving too fast on dusty roads in town. Check behind you to see if the pedestrians are choking – if so, please slow down. Thanks for helping to keep Golden’s air breathable.


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